The World


Meet the world, my coin bank which was given to me as a bday present by Fi some years ago.

The world is hungry so I feed it. It has a strict diet of gold coins, only the $2 ones. Feeding time is anytime. The more frequent the feeding, the better.

The world is vulnerable so I raid it. Most common time of attack would be in the morning, when I don’t have money for the coffee run.

The world gives when the time is right. And it gives a lot. At first, it was enough to buy me a bike. Today, it was for my pocket money for my holiday in Manila next weekend.

The world lives and waits to be fed. The cycle continues.


Day 78 – Personal Space


Day 78 – I attended a breakfast forum today and while it was a struggle to get up early, what I learned made it worth it.

Networking was the topic and the speaker shared four key points about it. No, I will not write about the four points, just the bit that I found most interesting — the technical definition of personal space.

Imagine a half cylinder around you, 33 cms to to your side and 45 cm in front which is the apex of your space. It is in this apex that you gesture like holding a paper clip when trying to emphasize a point.

So there, 33 cms to your side 🙂 if someone stands closer, that’s too close hahaha!

Day 77 – Long Distance Calls


Day 77 – I made two long distance calls today  : one to our housekeeper in Manila and the other to one of my college friends.

The former was more of a pre-trip check to ensure that everything was ready for my trip home in June. I am soooo looking forward to going home and not worrying about cooking or cleaning up!

The call to Boops was my way of making up for all the years when I greeted her late on her birthday. We had a long chat and as you know, nothing beats talking to friends like it was just yesterday when you last saw each other.

Day 74 – Lamb Challenge


Day 74 – You cannot re-freeze meat that has been defrosted. With that in mind, A and I looked at the 3 kilo leg of lamb and committed to cook it in three ways right away. I’m happy to say that it has resulted to yummy dishes that ought to keep us fed for the next couple of days : lamb adobo, lamb vindaloo and roast lamb for sandwiches. 

The concept behind no refreezing makes me wonder if it can be applied to life in general. I reckon a person who has changed his ways for the better, realises the good in being that way, seeing how far he/she has come. Going back to bad old habits can’t be good but it can be done– results are not guaranteed to be favorable though. 

Day 73 – Childhood Friends


Day 73 – We have been friends for most of our lives, back to pre-adolescent days. Growing up together, knowing each other’s families and now living miles apart but still chatting away like we’re sitting across each other, sipping drinks at the neighborhood bar. I’m thankful for technology that allows that to happen.